i close my eyes, and..pray.

Oct 14, 2016
god's blessings

God listened to my prayer to meet other christians, just the joy of knowing He is behind all these, working on my life, really being there and showing me, guiding me, with these wonderful people. If he is for me, who can be against me. And I praise His name, His glorious plan, His ultimate way of making things fall into place, into a magnificent piece of storyline,. what he can do, what love he demonstrates, what character he portrays, what qualities he possess, what he has to give and teach, is beyond imagination. every single time, i am amazed by what he just did, whether it is opening my eyes to a new perspective, or dealing with my unhappiness and unresolved issues, or relating to people from my experiences, they are all his work, and i feel a wave of emotions, time and time again, his power, his grace, his faithfulness, his reminders of love, pouring into my heart, making me all the more thankful that I have him, I am somebody, I am no longer nothingness, meaningless, but he accepted me as his child, as one of them, as his sheep, .. i dont deserve it at all, yet his son died for us. lets just say, what more will He give us. his love is so real, so powerful and impactful, it brings about so much pain, but also the price, the redemption, makes me feel terribly ashamed for undermining the blood and his body. nothing surpasses his worth, im thankful for Him, father and son, for making us whole again, for letting us go back to Him, and treating us as his beloved.

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