i close my eyes, and..pray.

Oct 18, 2016
wind chimes and mills

you see our skies, the same skies we share. i am looking at it now, are you too. are you thinking of me like i am thinking of you. if there's telepathy, if there's hope. wherever you are, whenever, if there's something so illogical yet makes such perfect sense, if this was an out of ordinary story, written in the stars kind of movie, heart wrenching dialogues and long hugs, holding on like we are the last each other has, the world can just disappear, who cares, i want to stay like this forever. you believe in this kind of absurdity? lost love, once could be, become there never was. years ago, i can paint you a picture of happiness, those days, i was hopeful, unafraid, unattached, independent. these days, i am afraid to hope, dream, pursue. for big dreams get crushed easily, for who takes your heart may not give it back, a thief in the night, and shes dreaming, mesmerized he looked at her, who is he after? if he can leave, why doest he leave now? why does he linger, and stare at her longer than he should, why is he risking the breaking dawn? or does he want her to see he was here? and what will he do when she awakes? he can go.. quietly, as though he never came, never existed, never entered the house and imagined her life from the way she kept her room, imagined her as one he would get to know and fondly fall in love with, share his stories and tribulations with. or maybe he can come back again at a later time, maybe when he thinks of her, maybe in distant future, or maybe never, for he has his life somewhere else. this was probably a really foolish idea, anyway. if this is a heist, make it fast and painless.. the process is killing deep, each time there's a stab, i dont know to heal or leave it there, so that more wounds wouldnt seem any more painful from the first.. to step out of the dreams or nightmares, sound the intruder alarm, just so she can learn to lock her heart up.. for good, for total good, once and for all.

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