Entry: to whoever Aug 31, 2017

prayed when i was young, prayed for miracles. who was I praying to? God. why? because i was helpless. how did I know there was a God? I don't, but I want to believe there is one. I needed Him. it was a cry to ease the brokenhearted, the weak and the lonely one. I wondered about the religious. I wondered about superstition. I wondered if there could be some truth in these beliefs. Not that I knew many. but there is this intriguing story of the cross, death, life. who really fits the image of Godliness? who really is the shepherd? to know we have fall short, all men are imperfect. to know we are discontented, unsatisfied, obsessed with so many things not worth obsessing over. to know we have disobeyed and once were lost, but now were found. to know we are broken, living in a polluted world, and we need reconciliation with one who is righteous and above all. to know of this word 'sacrifice' and what it meant. to know of an unselfish giving love that no man can imitate. to know what it means to be unworthy and undeserving of grace because we can see how unlovable we are. how many times we glorify ourselves instead of you. how unappreciative and ungrateful we are sometimes. how highly we think of ourselves when truly, our gifts come from you.


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